How to choose your La Paix pamper product

Sunshine through the trees

La Paix uses flower and gem essences, essential oils, herbs, herbal tinctures and vegetable powders in all the products, as part of its natural healing experience.

Flower essences are herbal infusions made from the flowering part of a plant, used by our forefathers and ancients to uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness for time and memorial.  La Paix loves looking to nature for ‘soulutions’ from nature and  flower essences have become a popular alternative treatment for emotional healing, in a very subtle and gentle way.

Flower essences work by enhancing the positive aspects of the qualities of the mind, emotion and personality.  By flooding a person with positive qualities the negative aspects or lack of positives dissolve and balance is restored.

We all have a bright light shining from within us out onto the world.  This light shines through different windows, each representing a particular quality.  Sometimes the windows are misted up, or the shutters are closed. 

When using the right La Paix product, it opens the shutters & unmists the glass, allowing your light to shine out in full brightness again.

Simply put – each natural, handmade La Paix product has a duty to heal a certain aspect that dims our brilliant bright light.  We have grouped our product range according to their healing benefits offered up by nature’s medicine chest into four healing themes - Love, Joy, Peace and Hope as we grow our range more themes will be added to our catalogue.  Listen to your heart – it knows what you need.