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What Sets Us Apart

Natural Derma Cosmeceutical Skin Products

Our specialized skin care products are produced alongside a cosmetic chemist to improve the appearance of skin and treat various skin issues. 

La Paix natural derma cosmeceutical skincare are formulated to effectively treat signs of damage in the skin and ultimately preserve it's beauty and health.

Ingredients-An Organic, Scientifically Proven Synergy

La Paix combines the latest scientific research with organically sourced natural ingredients to produce a synergy of effective delivery systems via liposomes to target and treat various skin conditions. 

Our products contain scientifically proven actives such as Vitamin A and antioxidants. Vitamin C and E. Multifruit extract and enzymes. Phytoceutical ingredients such as rooibos macha, iris root, prickly pear and monk's pepper extracts mixed with essential oil blends to produce products which rejuvenate, repair and refine all skin types and providing effective treatment of the following conditions;

  • Treatment of environmentally damaged skin
  • Treatment and preservation of very dry, mature skin
  • Treatment of uneven skin
  • General restoration and maintenance of healthy skin
  • Treatment of further damage and aging of skin
  • Treatment of problematic skin

Research and Development

Product research and development is performed alongside a highly qualified Cosmetic Scientist, graduated from the University of Cape Town, who specializes in botanical and natural extracts, phytochemicals, vitamins and essential oils for the skincare industry.

Safe and Ethical Production

  • Manufactured in an ISO 22716 factory
  • No animal testing
  • Free of artificial fragrance, mineral oils, formaldehyde, lanolin 
  • Based on scientific research
  • High concentration of scientifically active ingredients
  • In house cosmetic scientist
  • Unique, high quality product textures
  • User friendly products
  • Endorses clean beauty
  • Raw materials are certified natural
  • Uses organic and fair trade certified ingredients and raw materials